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The Glass Slipper: why it never fits?

We all know the tale of the glass slipper.

So, I'm not going to talk about the things which you already know. I am going to talk about the things you didn't know.

I always wonder why the glass slipper never fits someone other than Cinderella herself? I was curious and start to make my own conclusion. And I came up with 5.

1) It is made of glass (obviously)
Cinderella's fairy godmother made it specially for her. It was wrapped around her foot when she made the spell and it appeared out of thin air. Which came to a reason why, when something is made (moulded) as accurate as the shape of your feet it is reasonable why it didn't fit anybody else. Just like there is no antique piece ever been made alike. The design might be the same but there must be something about each piece which differs from the other. Unless, it is made by a machine but most of us knows an antique craft were mostly handmade.

2) It shrunken and grew bigger
Since the glass slipper was made by a fairy mean…

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