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The 40+ Reasons Why I Write

40+ Reasons Why I Write
First of all, I would like to thank Bryan for the opportunity to be part of this writing challenge (The 40 reasons ''Why Do You Write?'' challenge). I enjoyed reading all of his blog post in Positive Writer. They inspired me to get back into writing and now, here I am, starting this blog and decided to write again. It's a blessing and I am eternally greatful.

Which leads to reason...

1) I write because I feel motivated to write.

To be honest, I doubt that I could come up with forty reasons but I was wrong. That's the thing about writing. It's Magical! Once you start to write, you won't be able to stop. You are completely trapped inside your own world. It's madness!! Which leads to reason...

2) I write because I want to escape into my own wonderland.

I could relate to Alice a lot (Alice in Wonderland). I couldn't help but being curious about a lot of things and being curious sometimes could lead into a whole lot of trouble …

Ridiculously March

Ridiculously March

Can your days get any worst? I know mine could. March 2017 is the worst month I had so far. I hate to complain but it's true.

I caught a cold at the beginning of the first week. Can't stop sneezing and coughing. I had a sore throat for two weeks. I even get a headache and my body felt weak. I had to cancel one of my class and I hate doing that.

The rest of the week, I was busy with tutoring and helping my fellow student catch up with their studies before the up coming exam. I spent my whole weekend preparing notes and revision paper for them.

On my weekdays, every morning till noon I was busy with work as a clerk. There were so many tasks which were given to me the very last minute that I need to complete, pronto. It needed to be done first thing in the morning. There were typing, photocopying, filing, writing and preparing reports. It was hectic. I almost forgot how to breathe. And at night, I have to tutor my students.

But what I hate the most is breaking …

The Borneo Girl

30 Days Writing Challenge

Question #2: Something That You Miss

I miss a lot of things lately. Including certain people who had always been there in my life. I miss my school (primary school and high school). The reason why I miss my school days is mostly because I miss my friends and teachers. I miss every corner of the building and classes. I miss those stairs where I always tripped upon.

Remember when I told you in my last post, that I am a clumsy girl? Yes. I always tripped on each and every staircase of my high school building. I guess those stairs just hate me so much. The worst memory which I had of those moments is I fell and land on my knees. Thankfully it wasn't that high but it was bad enough where it left huge bruises on my knees. My dad got mad because he was worried. Hermmph...another perks of being me. At least I've made memories with those stairs, I bet they have a new victim to torture now.

But, one THING I miss the most in the world right now is our old home. E…

The Perks Of Being Me

I hearby, declare that I ACCEPT the 30 Days Writing challenge starting today. Actually, I have made a promise to start last week but I keep slacking off. One of the bad habit which I need to get rid of, FAST.

Alright, lets start with question number one. Wait! before that...

Let me just say that I am a HORRIBLE WRITER and I am pretty much aware of that right now. But I do have a vision, in order to find my voice and to find my old self, I'll start all over again.

I used to love writing so much, my pen and I were inseparable. I carried a small notebook with me everywhere I go and that was back in high school, junior year. I could write anywhere I want, I don't actually have an issue with location. (Maybe not yet)

Once I started my senior year, there were so many things to do and in the end my piece of work got buried in the mountains of ASSIGNMENT. To be honest, I hate making excuses but that was the reality. I couldn't get my hands on my journal or even finish the novel I …

My Fair Valentine

Hey peeps!

So here's my funny story about valentine's day. I know everyone is so thrill and excited about this day, aspecially girls ; )

I bet everyone is busy trying to figure out what present they should come up with. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bear (maybe), going out on a fancy dinner or a picnic, going to the nearby beaches and having a great time of your life with your love ones.

 Hey! I heard today is also the day of THAT movie going to release. You know, the ones where the title end with the word "darker", which is a sequal to the ones ended with the word "grey". If you have no idea what I'm talking about (which I doubt that you are), you can check it out in the cinema.

Maybe this could be one of your way to spend time on this lovey dovey day. And there's also tons of other movie to watch, all equally good, just pick one.

Okay, where was I. Right, the funny story. I just wanted to share this story with you and hope you like it. It's a tru…

Wake up call!

Wake up call!Alright. Prrrrttt!!!! (Imaginary wisel) 
You are all SUED!  For not living your life to the fullest. And not doing it right.
It's time to fix that.
No more time to waste okay. We have a lot to do. Duty calls and how much time do you have? Well you've got eternity. And I am not exaggerating. How many things that you have missed out for these few days with just sitting around and doing nothing. (And yes, that includes scrolling down your facebook page) 
Come on guys. When was the last time you take a walk in the park. Or enjoy a cup of coffee with your family. Or playing badminton with your friends.
I am not a sporty person myself but seriously, breathing in some fresh air and enjoy the view (not from the computer screen) sounds like a good idea. Don't you think? 
The thing is, it is easy to not notice our surroundings when we are looking at our phone for hours. When there is no calls, there will be texting. Then there is social media or youtubing or video gaming.