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Wake up call!

Wake up call!Alright. Prrrrttt!!!! (Imaginary wisel) 
You are all SUED!  For not living your life to the fullest. And not doing it right.
It's time to fix that.
No more time to waste okay. We have a lot to do. Duty calls and how much time do you have? Well you've got eternity. And I am not exaggerating. How many things that you have missed out for these few days with just sitting around and doing nothing. (And yes, that includes scrolling down your facebook page) 
Come on guys. When was the last time you take a walk in the park. Or enjoy a cup of coffee with your family. Or playing badminton with your friends.
I am not a sporty person myself but seriously, breathing in some fresh air and enjoy the view (not from the computer screen) sounds like a good idea. Don't you think? 
The thing is, it is easy to not notice our surroundings when we are looking at our phone for hours. When there is no calls, there will be texting. Then there is social media or youtubing or video gaming.