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Ridiculously March

Ridiculously March

Can your days get any worst? I know mine could. March 2017 is the worst month I had so far. I hate to complain but it's true.

I caught a cold at the beginning of the first week. Can't stop sneezing and coughing. I had a sore throat for two weeks. I even get a headache and my body felt weak. I had to cancel one of my class and I hate doing that.

The rest of the week, I was busy with tutoring and helping my fellow student catch up with their studies before the up coming exam. I spent my whole weekend preparing notes and revision paper for them.

On my weekdays, every morning till noon I was busy with work as a clerk. There were so many tasks which were given to me the very last minute that I need to complete, pronto. It needed to be done first thing in the morning. There were typing, photocopying, filing, writing and preparing reports. It was hectic. I almost forgot how to breathe. And at night, I have to tutor my students.

But what I hate the most is breaking …